Technology is bringing a variety of changes in the life of modern individuals. One of these changes is evident in the form of replacing the missing tooth. A dental implant is an artificial root, which is made of the metal titanium. It infuses with the jawbone of an individual and replaces the actual root of the real tooth. Then an artificial tooth is attached to the root, and the implant is the anchor for this particular tooth. Dental implants are just like natural teeth; it is a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of the dental implant are as follows:

  • They are comfortable in comparison to bridges and dentures.
  • The appearance of dental implants is quite natural.
  • They replace the missing tooth, but they would not require a replacement.
  • Dental implants fuse with the jawbone. There would be no need to cause any change in the nearby teeth.
  • Dentures are removable, which can be quite uncomfortable for a person. However, a dental implant is the permanent solution when a tooth is missing. It would be more comfortable in comparison.
  • Dental implants could be expensive, but the best part is that it would be a one-time cost. In contrast with the dentures, which would require replacement after 5-10 years.
  • It would be wise to invest in something more permanent solution.
  • It can be difficult when an individual is chewing food with dentures. On the other hand, eating food would seem natural with the dental implants.
  • If there is a loss in the tooth, a person would feel low, and it can create an impact on the self-esteem of the person. Since implants are just like natural teeth, it would boost the self-esteem of a person.
  • The implant can last a lifetime if an individual is taking care of it.



What is the success rate of dental implants?

The success rate of dental implants would vary, in general it would be 98%. It would also depend on the individual and how much care they are giving to the dental implants. They are likely to last for a lifetime with proper care.

Who can get dental implants?

Any individual with healthy gums is likely to get dental implants. However, your dentist would be the best guide in this aspect. Your dentist will be able to tell in confirming whether you are the right candidate for the procedure.

It is vital that a patient who is going for dental implants should have healthy gums, and it is crucial that they have enough bone for the procedure.

It is essential that an individual who is deciding to go for a dental implant should have good oral hygiene. It would be necessary to take care of the tooth after the procedure, even though it would not be real.

If an individual has a chronic illness, diabetes, or is a smoker, it would be wise to take the recommendation from the dentist. Each person is different, and it would be better to let the dentist evaluate the situation.

Are dental implants painful?

It would depend on an individual who is getting the procedure. Generally, people who get dental implants find the process much less painful than an extraction. Most of our patients report that they feel minimal if any, pain during the procedure. During the procedure, a patient gets local anesthesia, which can make the process quite smooth. There can be discomfort after the procedure. It can be possible to treat it with over the counter medicine. Your dentist would provide better guidance for the care and maintenance of the dental implants.

Who performs the procedure?

The dentist would refer the patient to a specialist like a periodontis, who specializes in the area of dental implants.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure for dental implants in Beverly Hills is as follows:


Initially, the dentist would examine you whether you are the right candidate for the dental implants or not. It is crucial to make sure that you have healthy gums and enough bone for this particular procedure. The dentist will take an X-ray of your head, mouth, jaw, and tooth structure to see if you are a potential candidate for the dental implants. It is vital that you ask your dentist questions and tells them all your concerns. If you are going through any issue or disease, it would be essential to mention it to the dentist. If you are a heavy smoker, do not forget to mention it to the dentist. It is vital to select a dentist that you like. The entire procedure requires that you are comfortable with the dentist.

Initial Stage of Surgery:

The first stage of surgery requires placing the dental implant beneath the gum tissue and into the jawbone. Then the gum tissue would need stitching to stick it back in place. The dentist or specialist would be doing this procedure. There would be healing of tissue, implant, infused with the jawbones, would form a bond. It would attach to the gum as well. At this point, it is essential to keep in mind that it might take up to several months. This step would depend on the healing, and each person is different. It is important to mention to the dentist or the specialist if you have a medical concern.

Second Stage of Surgery:

The second stage of the surgery requires attaching an abutment to the implant.

Artificial Tooth:

There would be a need to make an artificial tooth to attach it with the abutment. Keep in mind that it might take several appointments with the dentist to get the replacement fit.

Fixed Bridge:

A fixed bridge can act as an anchor for the dental implants. It is a dental restoration. A fixed bridge can replace one or more teeth of an individual.

What care is necessary after surgery?

It would be imperative to care for oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is paramount to keep the teeth in a healthy condition. It would be necessary to keep the tooth clean after the procedure, and to floss regularly.

A dentist would guide with the appropriate procedure to care for the dental implants. It would be wise to ask for any concern regarding the dental implants to the dentist. Mention any discomfort after the procedure and always make sure that you follow the advice of the dentist.

It is best to visit the dentist regularly. They would check the bite to make sure that the implants are not loose. It is vital that implants are in good condition, and it would be great to let the dentist check it for you while you enjoy the new tooth.

Final Recommendation

Over the years, there had been a change in dental surgery. It is because of the advancement in the field of information technology. Previously, it had been too demanding for some people to chew some food with dentures. Now that is not an issue anymore as there is the option of getting dental implants. It is a new procedure but can last a lifetime with proper care and attention. Many dentists can guide with the procedure.

Those who are seeking dentists can book an appointment with Dr. Justin Raanan in Beverly Hills, California. It is essential to know the dentist before making a final decision for getting the implants. If the periodontist is qualified and has the required expertise and knowledge, it would be wise to book an appointment.


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