Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures. An individual may have discoloration of teeth, or there would be stains on the teeth. However, the teeth whitening Beverly Hills procedure can solve the issue. It can give you a bright smile and can significantly improve the appearance of teeth. The teeth whitening procedure is quite standard with dentists. However, it is essential to keep in mind that tooth whitening is not a permanent solution as there would be a repeated visit to maintain the brightness of teeth.


Reasons for Teeth Stains and Discoloration

The most common reasons for stains and discoloration of teeth are as follows:

  • Tooth Enamel: Genes of an individual play a vital role in the thickness of tooth enamel. The color of dentin, which lies underneath the enamel along with the reflection and scattering of light, determines the color of teeth. When enamel is thin, it means that dentin would be more visible. It is crucial to keep in mind that enamel can be rough as well, it would affect the color, and brightness of teeth as light would have a different reflection on an uneven surface.
  • Drinking: Too much ingestion of drinks like coffee, tea, and even wine can create an impact on the enamel. These are dark colored and can stain the teeth.
  • Aging: There are many changes, which an aging individual can observe, and one of them is the change of teeth. It is essential to take care of teeth as the person gets older. There are various changes that a person goes through throughout his or her life and it is crucial to be aware of the issues in advance, which a person is likely to face in old age.
  • Sugary Food & Drinks: Consuming sweet food and drink is not suitable for health in general. It can affect the teeth as well. People belonging to the era of modernization and information technology are relying on a sedentary lifestyle. It is easy to grab a mean, which is fast to prepare and is not healthy at all. It is crucial to invest in the right kind of food, as teeth are essential for health. Every person needs daily vitamins and minerals. The human body requires maintenance and care, especially after a particular time. Cooperating with the human body and mind is essential. Teeth are an integral part of our life and smiling can make someone look extremely attractive. However, stains on teeth or discoloration can make the smile pale, and a person might not feel that confident when smiling.
  • Tobacco: Taking an honest look at someone who smokes quite frequently gives a clear indication of him/her being a smoker. People who smoke a lot use tobacco, and thus their teeth have stains and discoloration. It is not wise to use tobacco, as it is harmful to the health of an individual.
  • Poor Hygiene: Good habits and cleanliness can play a vital role in maintaining the good health of a person. It is wise to install good habits from an early age; however, some people are not aware of the significance of cleanliness, or they simply choose to ignore it. Improper hygiene, not brushing the teeth regularly, ignoring floss, and eating too many sweets can affect the tooth of a person. Not taking care of teeth can cause cavities along with stains and discoloration. It is imperative to maintain hygiene and brush the teeth regularly.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills:

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Give you a better smile.
  • Get rid of stains and discoloration.
  • After the procedure, you might plan a proper routine based on cleanliness and hygiene.

When going for teeth whitening, it is vital to keep the following points in mind:

Teeth whitening Beverly Hills procedure are possible in the comfort of home and at the dentist’s office. When the procedure is a dentist’s office, he or she would ask some questions on the stains as in how the individual got them in the first place. Next, a dental hygienist would clean the teeth to get rid of any harmful bacteria, food particles, or anything unwanted, which sticks in the teeth. The procedure would begin after this process. It is important that teeth are clean before the procedure starts. It is important to get rid of any cavity as well. Apart from this, there are many home kits available, which can assist a person in teeth whitening. However, when using such products, it is essential to follow the steps and directions carefully. There are chances of damaging the teeth when there is an overdose. The dentist can also provide trays with whitening gel, which an individual can use at home for the purpose of teeth whitening.

Individuals who have receding gums or if there is tooth decay, they should keep in mind that teeth whitening procedure can make teeth sensitive. It would be wise to discuss with the dentist about the pros and cons before the procedure. Individuals having crowns in their tooth should keep in mind that teeth whitening procedure does not work for it. Teeth whitening Beverly Hills are also not for veneers, and it would be best to ask the dentist about the details and what alternate solution is there if any. It is vital to make sure, which teeth whitening procedure is suitable. Whitening and non-vital Whitening. Apart from everything, there are many whitening kinds of toothpaste available in the market as well, which can help a person to get a bright smile. However, it is wise to get an idea on the reviews on that toothpaste.

Frequently Asked Questions on Teeth Whitening Beverly Hills

Can teeth whitening procedure completely change the color of teeth and whiten them?

The tooth whitening procedure cannot wholly whiten the color of teeth or change it, but it would lighten the shade, which would make teeth bright and shiny. It is a way of lightening the natural color of teeth without affecting the tooth surface. However, it is essential to discuss the procedure with the dentist before making a final decision.

Do you need to whiten your teeth?

It would depend on the condition of your teeth. A dentist would be able to look and provide a final recommendation. However, if the color of your teeth makes you uncomfortable, if there are stains on the teeth and visible discoloration, you can better decide for yourself what is best for you and your health and overall smile and look.

What the teeth whitening procedure would be like?

A dentist would guide you through the steps. It is important that the dentist is making you aware of each step and letting you know the pros and cons as well. The teeth whitening Beverly Hills procedure would involve the use of a tray, which would be with a gel that is for whitening the teeth. Make sure to ask any question to your dentist if anything makes you uncomfortable. A good dentist would walk you through the steps and would make you feel at ease during the entire procedure. The tray would be unique, and it would be much like a mouth guard.

How long does the process take?

With the advancement in the field of information, technology there is something new, which is launched every other day. Generally, the entire process is likely to take from two to four weeks; however, there are now new products available, which can assist in providing the result in a week. Your dentist and his/her team would be able to guide you with the details. Ask them for more information and get an idea about the entire procedure before making a final decision.

What else can you do?

There are many new procedures in the form of lasers, which can assist in providing the results up to four or five shades lighter. However, it is wise to discuss the pros and cons of the dentist and his/her team. Apart from that before going to try anything new, it is better to read the reviews online. There is tons of information available online along with the reviews and comments from people. People put their reviews about the services, which gives the individual an idea of whether to go for that procedure or not. At the end of the day, it would depend on the person whether they want to go ahead with the procedure or decide for something else.

Should I try DIY methods?

It is totally up to you. If you feel that a do it yourself method is going to help you there is likely to be no harm in giving a try; however, always be mindful and careful about everything as there could be false information available online. Always buy the products, which are safe and always try things, which are safe for those shiny pearls. Read reviews, comments, and make sure that these are genuine as well.

What would be the total cost of teeth whitening procedure?

The total cost of teeth whitening Beverly Hills procedure would depend on where you live. There are various factors, which are essential to consider. However, when deciding to go for the teeth whitening procedure, ask for the estimation of cost in advance. It is always wise to get the cost estimation in advance.

How long the teeth whitening procedure would last?

It would depend on the individual. For a smoker, the time span would be different, and for a heavy drinker again it would be a different time. Generally, it is likely to last for up to three years.

Are there any side effects of the procedure?

It would depend on the person as some people might have a sore throat, some would feel sensitive to cold, some might have sensitive gums; however, this would all be temporary and would disappear in a few days. However, if the discomfort continues, it would be wise to see the dentist as soon as possible.

Should you go for teeth whitening kits?

It would depend on how you handle the kits. Some people might not be able to understand the procedure and can end up damaging the teeth. Following the rules and step-by-step instructions are wise.

Should you use a whitening toothpaste?

There are many whitening kinds of toothpaste available in the market; however, it would be wise to buy the one, which your dentist recommends or generally have great reviews from the maximum number of customers. An individual can use the whitening toothpaste after the procedure as well, which would assist in maintaining the brightness and shine of teeth as well.

Can you whiten your crown or veneers?

The teeth whitening procedure is for a natural tooth only, and it would not work on the crown or veneers.

How should you take care of your teeth after the teeth whitening procedure?

It would be wise to get the teeth whitening procedure, but caring the teeth about the procedure is essential. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure your brush your teeth twice a day and especially after taking the last meal of the day. The more you care for the teeth, the better it would be for you to make the procedure last longer.
  • It would be better to use a tooth, which has fluoride in it. Read reviews on the toothpaste and invest in a good brand. It would be better to ask your dentist.
  • Avoid sugary foods or drinks. These are not good for your teeth and for your health. There is no point in consuming anything, which in fact create a negative impact on your overall health.
  • Make regular visits to the dentist and keep those pearls shining.

Final Recommendation

If you are looking for a suitable dentist in Beverly Hills find information on Dr. Raanan, it could be worth the try. Remember, there is tons of information available online and you can always read the reviews. Keep your gums and teeth healthy by taking care of your health. Book a regular checkup and find out what is the best and most suitable option for you. Teeth Whitening can boost your confidence if there are stains and too much discoloration of the teeth. Keep smiling this world needs happy faces!




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