Why Is Periodontal
Maintenance Necessary?

A to Z: Periodontal Maintenance Beverly Hills

The tooth is one part of the body that is not well taken care of will not only make your life a living hell, but will also reduce your self-esteem and as a result reduce your confidence and performance in the long run. The reason as to why a considerable percentage of the population suffers from tooth problem is because of their gum disease, and this is a massive threat in the states at the moment with nearly a 70 million adults and the young ones in the states alone living with this condition. What majority of this population is not aware of is that the gum disease is not only treatable, but also it can be cured and at the same time very preventable.

The procedure of cleaning the teeth and maintaining it them to the perfect condition is what is referred to as periodontal maintenance Beverly Hills. It is one of the most essential procedures that will go a long way in altering the development of some of the very notable periodontal disease.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

This disease occurs when the bacteria from the gum tissue that is in either side of the gum, be it the bottom or the upper row causes severe inflammation and the same time irritation. In the event of the result is some very chronic provocative reactions in the body.

The body will then begin to destroy the gum and the bone tissue and at the same time, forcing the teeth to move and become unstable. This is when you will realize that the teeth are very unstable and begin falling off. The same will then extend to the other side of the body organs.

Important Reasons for Periodontal Maintenance Beverly Hills

The procedure is not only necessary, but one of the surest ways to ensure that the oral cavity is in excellent health and at the same time make sure that the gum disease does not affect the other parts of the body. Some of the critical benefits of periodontal maintenance Beverly Hills are as below:

1. It removes tartar

The plaque that occasionally develops and grows on both gums in the mouth is what causes a lot of problems if they are ignored and not treated at the right time. The daily hygiene of cleaning the mouth and brushing of the teeth will not be able to get rid of the same.

The brushing alone is not enough to get rid of the debris and bacteria that are so much deposited in the gum pocket. This can only be done by the qualified dentist who has a specialized machine that can identify and treat not only the starter, but also the plague that has already built up in the mouth.

2. Good grooming

As earlier mentioned it is tough for one to have the self-confidence if they are unable to smile and have a good time in the public because of how their mouth smell or the color of the teeth. The maintenance of the teeth will not only be able to clean it, but also bring back the smile of an individual as well as confidence that have been lacking.

3. Breath

The same applies to the fresh breath of the mouth. Regardless of how often one brushes and clean the mouth daily. There is some smell that will not go away unless the gum is well treated and maintained. What causes the bad breath is usually the combination of the rotting food particles that are generally located below the gum line and the bacteria.

Steps for Periodontal Maintenance Beverly Hills

This process can either be done when you are doing your regular dental visitation or just as a way to take care of your anesthetic issues. The most popular time when this is done is during the dental visitation because this is when the dentist will notice some problem with your teeth and the gum. Here are some of the steps for Prophylaxis:

1. The first cleaning is when your dentist thoroughly cleans the areas of the gum line that have been affected by using the scaling tools which will get rid of the plague.

The scaling and the root planing are typically done in two-quarters of the mouth at a time or the whole part of the mouth which will totally depend on how your dentist sees fit.

2. The dentist will numb the treated area of the mouth and professionally ensure that the gum line is clean from all the debris. This will be followed by the shaping of the roots of the tooth, this is done so as the places where the bacteria might collect in the future is well taken care of.

3. Medication is the next step that the dentist will ensure that you get. This is because as a result of the scaling and root planing antibiotic cream has to be placed in the gum pockets. The antibiotic is essential because they promote faster growth and healthy healing of the pocket with so much ease and comfort.

4. The last and maybe final step of the whole process is the x-ray and examination. This routine procedure is very essential when it comes to the revealing of some of the periodontal diseases. The x-ray will be able to show to what extent the healing process has gone and at the same time show the dentist on what areas that might need attention in the future.

5. The checkup is another step that your dentist will recommend. The checkups are vital because it is only then that the dentist will ensure that your healing process is going very well and that you have not encountered any other problem. The visitation will have to be regularly, preferably every 3 months, so as the dentist will be in a position to monitor the healing of the gum and the status of the teeth and that all the bacteria have been removed for the mouth

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What is Periodontitis? How will I know if I have it

This is one of the most common questions that have been asked about this procedure. What everyone needs to know is that Periodontitis is only diagnosed by the occurrence of periodontal pockets which usually are in the area where the gum has pulled away from the teeth, and the leading cause of this is because of the bacterial infection in the mouth. The bacterial infection can be witnessed by pain, redness and above all the swelling of the gum.

When this is not treated correctly, it can ultimately lead to tooth loss, lung diseases and in some occasion heart diseases as well.

How can I avoid Periodontitis

There is no shortcut to getting rid of this other than the regular proper dental hygiene and regular visitation of the dentist if you think or have any suspicion that you might be suffering from Periodontitis. The visit to the dentist is a sure way to ensure that you get a proper diagnosis of the disease and regular checkup of the teeth hygiene.

What is the difference between Periodontal maintenance and general cleaning?

Periodontal maintenance Beverly Hills has always been mistaken as the general cleaning of the teeth which is not the case. The regular cleaning of the teeth is typically referred to as prophylaxis when it comes to dental terms. The latter usually is very quick and faster than the Periodontal maintenance Beverly Hills, which takes some time because it is intensive.

The significant differences between the two are that while regular cleaning only removes the debris and articles above the gum line of teeth, periodontal maintenance is more of a deep dental cleaning that involved the scaling and root planning which have already been described earlier.

When the regular cleaning of the mouth removes the debris at or above the gum line, scaling and root planning is much more intensive as the dentist has to administer anesthetic so that they can be able to clean the below the gum line as well as shaping the root of the teeth with less pain.

When it comes to regular cleaning of the mouth, there is no set out procedure which is not the case with periodontal maintenance. The latter requires not only the antibiotic application, but also a lot of checkups and follow up as well as administering the pain relievers. It is vital to note that as for regular teeth cleaning, there is an inclusion of the teeth polishing as well.

Is it essential to undergo this procedure? And how often should one go for it?

The fact that Periodontitis is not a short-term problem, but a long-life issue, the treatment of the same should be done after every three months and this should go on for as long you are living. The first session of the procedure is when it is very aggressive, followed by a much friendlier period and dental hygiene practice. You will realize that the majority of the patients with less chronic issues resumes the genera; teeth cleaning habit after six months. It is vital to undergo this procedure as you have realized that without the procedure, there are very high chances of one getting the earlier mentioned diseases associated with the heart and the lungs.

It usually is advisable to follow the instructions of the dentist strictly if they ask you to come for deep cleaning it is wise not to skip the treatment or risk a much more severe problem of losing your teeth soon.

How much does it cost and are there other options?

One should not be worried about the cost of the procedures and if you are worried to be keen to ask your dentist for any other financial options for periodontal maintenance. In the short run, the cost might be too much to handle. But you need to look at the whole picture and what you might be avoiding. If you undergo the same procedure, the cost is nothing compared to what you will encounter when treating some of the diseases that are associated with the gum disease developed in the body.

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