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Root Canal treatment is a procedure, which involves removing the dead, injured, or infected pulp of the tooth. The outermost layer of the tooth is the enamel, below the enamel lies dentin, and then there is a pulp chamber and root canal system containing the pulp tissue. The root canal system lies inside the tough layers of the tooth, and a tooth grows, develops. It is durable as there are nerves and blood vessels, which soft dental pulp of the root canal system is made of.

Root canals can save a dying tooth and can be the best solution for keeping a natural tooth. There are alternate options available in the form of getting the tooth extraction and getting the dental implants or bridges afterward. However, a root canal can save the natural tooth, and with proper care and attention, a treated tooth can last a lifetime.

The Benefit of Root Canals

The purpose of a root canal Beverly Hills is to save a tooth, which is infected. The infection is quite severe, and the only way to keep this tooth is through the root canal, or the final call would be an extraction, which means losing the tooth. According to the National Institute of Health, in a root canal procedure, a dentist would get rid of the tissue, which is dead and they would remove bacteria from the tooth as well. It is like a dying tooth, which needs saving and a root canal procedure for the dying tooth would be the last hope.



Why is a root canal necessary?

When there is an infection in the tooth, and it is quite deep, it would be wise to get a root canal, as it is likely to save the tooth from decaying entirely. The ultimate purpose of a dentist would be to keep the natural tooth. Otherwise, there are chances of losing the tooth, and then there would be a need to get dental implants, which are quite expensive.

What is the success rate of a root canal treatment?

Generally, root canal treatment is 95% successful. Mostly, a person would not know that a root canal treatment was done on a tooth, as the final step is the restoration of the tooth, which is through a filling or placement of a crown. A root canal treatment for a dying tooth is a lifesaving option. It is better to keep the natural tooth rather than getting the fake ones since they are quite expensive. However, it would depend on the individual as well that how well they are taking care of the tooth as in some cases, the tooth can last for a long time as it acts as a natural tooth after the treatment.

Who performs the root canal Beverly Hills?

A dentist does the root canal treatment; however, he/she can refer you to the endodontist as well. However, if the procedure is for a child, then the dentist would refer the child to a pediatric dentist.

What is involved in the root canal treatment?

The root canal Beverly Hills procedure involves the following steps:

Initially, your dentist would give local anesthetic. It can be quite painful for some people; however, they can let the dentist know in advance that they are afraid of getting the injection on their gums. The dentist would numb the area or would do something to distract the patient. It is essential to let the dentist know in advance if someone is afraid of this particular step as it is the very first step and is extremely important for the entire procedure.

The dentist is likely to use a rubber dam to protect the tooth from bacteria. There would be bacteria in your saliva, and there would be chances of getting the bacteria through your saliva during the procedure so that this particular step would be necessary as well. However, it is crucial to let the dentist know at any point if you feel uncomfortable at any point during the procedure. Dentists are experts in their field, and they know how to handle the patients during the entire process or treatment.

To perform the treatment, the dentist would make an opening into the tooth. They would reach the root canal system, as they have to treat the pulp, which is infected or damaged.

At this stage, the dentist would be using some dental instruments. These dental instruments would be very fine, as these would assist in removing the damaged pulp. It would be essential to clean the root canal system, and at this point, the dentist would enlarge the root canal system to clean it thoroughly. You would not feel any pain at this stage. There could be a slight pressure that you might feel; however, if you do feel any pain or discomfort, it would be best to let the dentist know.

Do not be afraid, make the dentist deal with the issue and leave it to him/her. Dentists are experts in their profession, and they know the problem much better. It is wise to let the dentist know that you are afraid or not feeling well.

After cleaning the root canal, the dentist will seal it and fill it. The dentist would seal the opening of the tooth using a temporary filling or a permanent filling, which would depend on the case and the decision of the dentist.

If the Endodontist is the one, who is doing the root canal treatment, he/she would do the temporary filling and would send you back to the dentist. In some cases, there would be a need for a Prosthodontist. Restoration would depend on the condition of the tooth and the requirement of the case. There would be a need to place a crown in the same circumstances for the restoration of the damaged tooth.

Do you need a root canal?

There could be an underlying infection in the tooth, which can be quite severe. The pulp of the tooth would have, and it could be full of bacteria. This condition can be the result of an injury, and there is a possibility of the untreated cavity. When an individual gets a cavity, it is essential to get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the infection would spread to such an extent that ultimately there would be a need to extract the tooth. A dentist would be able to tell whether you need the root canal treatment or not. The dentist has the required expertise and knowledge to provide the best solution in the form of a root canal treatment to save the decaying tooth.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The cost of a root canal treatment would vary, and it would depend on the case of an individual. The cost would also depend on the location as in where the person resides and who is the dentist. Generally, a root canal treatment, which does not include a dental restoration would be anywhere from $500 to $1000 if the root canal treatment is for the incisor; however, if it is for the molar, it can be anywhere from $800 to $1500. Again, it would also depend on who is performing the procedure as to whether it is a dentist or not.

What option do you have other than the root canal treatment?

If you do not want to go for a root canal treatment, you can go for the extraction of the tooth as well. As the name suggests, removal means the dentist would pull your tooth from the gum and if necessary would give a stitch. The tooth would no longer be there, and hence, there would be no pain or no discomfort. However, the loss of the tooth would be completed through a dental implant, bridge, or some other procedure, but it would be costly and time-consuming as well.

Root canal Beverly Hills treatment in comparison to getting a dental implant is cheap. However, sometimes the tooth is in such a bad condition that extraction is the only alternative available. However, it would be the priority of an excellent dentist to save then natural tooth.

Is a root canal painful?

It would depend on the person who is getting the procedure. For some people, it could be quite uncomfortable. After all, it is a procedure, which requires opening the mouth quite extensive to fix a tooth, which is in your mouth. However, some people would find it less painful than having the filling placed. Again, it would depend on the individual’s tolerance level.

What should you do after the root canal procedure?

After the root canal procedure, it is vital to take care of the tooth. It is also essential to do an X-ray after the procedure as well to make sure that there are no additional signs of an infection and everything is perfect. You have to get regular dental exams and dental cleanings as well. Your dentist and his/her relevant team would let you know when you need the dental cleaning or the routine dental exam; however, it is essential to show up regularly.

Maintain a good routine at home. Brush your teeth twice a day. Flossing as well is essential. Invest in a good brand of toothpaste or ask your doctor for a recommendation. Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride and can fight germs as well. If your root canal treatment is perfect, it means that your tooth is now safe and you can take care of it for the rest of your life. It is essential to take care of the teeth and not to take them for granted.

There are chances that your teeth might feel sensitive after the root canal treatment. Ask the dentist about post-treatment care and ask for the medicines, which can assist in providing relief from pain or discomfort.

Do not chew hard after the procedure right away and wait for some time. The dentist would recommend what to do and what to avoid after the treatment. It would be wise not to do any heavy exercise for some time after the procedure, especially if there is a temporary filling and permanent filling is due.

What is other relevant information that you should know?

Sometimes, the root canal treatment is not successful, and there would be a need for doing another treatment. The root canal re-treatment would thus be necessary.

There are also some cases when everything possible is done to save a tooth, but it would ultimately be extracted.

The root canal treatment is not a cure for the cavity. There are chances of getting the cavity again. In some cases, the cavity is not properly clean, and there would be a need to clean the root canal system again.

In some cases, there would be a need for the root canal surgery, especially when there would be a crack in the tooth. There are chances of getting fractures. There could be an infection, which does not heal even after the treatment and thus, there would be a need for the root canal surgery to get rid of it. Sometimes a root canal surgery would be critical to clean the remaining unclean parts of the root canal.

Getting the right dentist and team would be the best solution for an infected tooth. It is vital to find a dedicated dentist who can solve your issues. Technology has made it possible to find information on different dentists online. It is essential to read the reviews and find relevant information online before making any final decision.

Dr. Raanan is one of the dentists who can guide you and help you with the treatment. There are tons of information available online, check the official website, book an appointment, and decide for yourself what you want. Whatever you do, make sure your smile is healthy and do not forget to smile. Keep smiling!



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