How Can Dental Bonding
Transform Your Smile?

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure. People are fond of a white smile as it is quite attractive and one can easily spot a white smile in a crowd. Healthy appearance should be natural; however, for some people, it is not possible due to a variety of reasons and they go for dental bonding. Before making any final decision it is wise to know what it is, how much it costs, and what would be the average lifespan.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • If someone is having extremely low self-esteem because of a chipped tooth, dental bonding can help them restore the missing part.
  • Dental bonding can help with the discoloration.
  • It can assist in filling the gap of teeth or changing the shape of teeth; however, before making a final decision make sure it is what you actually want. Sometimes people are under peer pressure or it is the pressure of society, which makes them do such procedures; however, it should be the will of the person and not any kind of pressure. An individual should be happy in his or her own skin; however, there are some unforeseen circumstances, which can cause depression in people. It is always wise to get the recommendation from the doctors and dentists, as they are the experts and professionals and have information for the benefit of a person.
  • There would be a single visit to the dentist and the entire procedure would be between thirty minutes to an hour. It would, however, be per tooth.
  • There would be least enamel removal for this kind of procedure.
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What exactly tooth bonding is?

Sometimes a person can have an accident, which can result in a chipped tooth; there could be discoloration of a tooth. There can be physical damage to the tooth as well. However, the dentist would apply a composite resin of tooth color, which can improve the oral care of the tooth. Plastic resin would be a suitable option for the tooth for a variety of reasons.

How many dental visits are necessary for dental bonding?

Dental bonding is possible in a single visit to the dentist. It would be a suitable option for the tooth, which is decaying, damaged, discolored, or fractured.

Why is the name of dental bonding?

Actually, the material bonds to the tooth and hence the name is dental bonding for this particular procedure.

Is there any special preparation required for this particular procedure?

What is the procedure of dental bonding?

The procedure for dental bonding is as follows:

Selection of shade guide:

First, the dentist selects the shade guide, which is according to the shade of an individual's teeth. It is important to use the right kind of shade in order to make it look like the natural color tooth. The dentist is likely to choose the shade, which is closest in appearance to the original color of the tooth.

  • Abrading the Surface of Tooth:

After selecting the right shade for the tooth dentist would start to abrade the surface of the tooth. The purpose of this step is to roughen the surface of the tooth.

  • Conditioning Liquid:

After abrading the tooth, the dentist would use a conditioning liquid as a coating on the tooth. The purpose of using the conditioning liquid is that the bonding material would adhere well to the tooth.

  • Applying Resin:

After preparation of the tooth and selecting the appropriate shade, the doctor would apply putty-like resin. It would be important to give the correct shape to the resin. The dentist would continue to do so until there is a proper shape of resin.

  • Using Laser or Ultraviolet Light:

With the help of a laser or ultraviolet light, the dentist would harden the material now.

  • Trim and Shaping of Tooth:

When the material hardens, the dentist would further enhance the shape of the tooth by trimming and shaping it.

  • Polishing:
    The dentist would polish the tooth to make it look like the rest of the teeth in the mouth.

How long the procedure would last?

This particular procedure of dental bonding would typically last about thirty minutes; however, it could be as long as an hour as well. It is important to keep in mind that this point that if you are getting the procedure for more than a single tooth, there would be multiple visits to the dentist.

What care is necessary after dental bonding?

After getting the procedure, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

  • Using tea or coffee can cause a stain on the resin.
  • There are other substances as well, which can cause a stain on a resin such as smoking.
  • Avoid eating anything that can stain the teeth especially after 48 hours of this particular procedure.
  • Brush your teeth on regular basis. Remember oral hygiene is very important for the health of your teeth. Take care of your teeth in order to make them last for a longer time. It is quite expensive to replace a lost tooth or to get the root canal, crown, implant, and even fillings would be necessary. If there are cavities get rid of them as soon as possible before focusing on anything else.
  • Regularly go for teeth cleaning to a dental hygienist.

What are the risks of dental bonding?

Remember, it is not natural. If you bite your nails, chew on ice, there are chances of chipping the material because it would not be as strong as the natural material of the tooth. Always take care of oral hygiene in order to avoid any complications in the future.

How long would dental bonding last?

Dental bonding is likely to last several years and then there would be a need to repair it. How long dental bonding would last would depend on the oral habits of the individual and how much they had been taking care of the teeth. There is lots of emphasis on oral hygiene and it is for a reason. There is tons of information available online and there are reviews, where people would emphasize the significance of oral hygiene.

Are there any cons of dental bonding?

Some of the cons of dental bonding are as follows:

Discoloration: There is the possibility of discoloration of teeth after dental bonding. Using coffee, tea, wine, or smoking can stain teeth, which means it would look different from the rest of the teeth in the mouth. It is extremely important to abstain from these kinds of food and drinks especially after getting the procedure. It would be best to avoid it up to 48 hours. Smokers should consult the doctor before getting this particular procedure.

Durability: Dental bonding is not that durable, as it would depend on the oral care and hygiene of a person. A tooth would chip; however, when an individual is taking proper care of tooth, it would last for as long as three to seven years.

What tips can assist in increasing the lifespan of dental bonding?

  • In order to increase the lifespan of dental bonding, it would be wise to keep the following tips in mind:
    Decrease the intake of coffee. Do not drink wine, as it would affect your health as well. Too much tea would not do you any good. Be mindful of what you eat and live a healthy lifestyle. Make good choices in life especially when it comes to eating habits. People in the modern age are living a sedentary lifestyle. They want an easy outcome and thus, grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, and at night seems the most suitable option for them.
  • Quit smoking as it is bad for the lungs too. There is no point in adopting a habit, which is putting your health in danger.
  • Do not chew too hard on things like raw carrot, pencil, ice chips. It is not wise to bite on nails. There is a possibility of chipping of teeth.
  • Get regular dental checkups and make sure everything is smooth and fine. If you feel something is wrong or if there are any sharp edges let the dentist deal with the issue.
  • It is extremely important to choose the dentist wisely for this kind of procedure as it would require skill from the dentist. If necessary, you can ask the dentist for the before and after photos of their previous patients.
  • Always remember that feeling good is extremely important. If you feel good from within you will smile from outside. Despite the fact, dental bonding or any other procedure can give relevant self-esteem, it would be important to have a content heart.
  • Read reviews about the clinics, dentists, and get knowledge on the dental bonding from the internet as well. Call the dentist, make an appointment and ask as many questions as you like. Make sure you are happy with the selection of your dentist.

What is the use of dental bonding?

It is the easiest cosmetic procedure, which involves the use of composite resin. Polishing and shaping it would make sure that it is just like the teeth surrounding it. The purpose of bonding in some cases is to provide a better appearance to the tooth, as there would be chipped tooth or there is the possibility of discoloration as well. In some cases, it would be useful for closing the gap between the teeth. It can give the appearance of longer teeth or it would change the shape of teeth as well.

What other important points should you consider?

In order to find a suitable dentist in the area, the following points can be quite useful:

Use search engine: Using the power of internet and information technology can give tons of information on the most suitable dentist and clinic in the area.

  • Official Website: Visit the official website to get an idea about the services offered by the dentist or the clinic. It would be wise to make a call for the appointment if you like the overall look of the website. Make sure to read the blog as it gives an idea about the clinic policies to some extent.
  • Get Cost Estimation: It would be wise to get the estimation of cost in advance. It can assist in estimating the budget before making any final decision about any kind of procedure whether it is dental bonding or simple cleaning of teeth.
  • Ask for Recommendations: It would be wise to ask for recommendations from the friends and family members. Ask a person who has visible shiny teeth and asks for suitable tips to keep the pearls shiny and bright. Friends and family members can be a great source of information and can give details on dental bonding as well. You can ask the recommendations from the colleagues as well.
  • Use the Power of Social Media: If you are not sure of the procedure or want to know the pros and cons of it, it would be wise to use the power of social media. There are many groups on social media, which can assist in providing a solution to all the queries you have in mind regarding the procedure. You can talk to people who had been through the same procedure and how beneficial it had been for them.
  • Watch Tutorials: There are many tutorials, which are available online. These tutorials would provide you guidance on the overall procedure. It would be wise to watch the tutorials to prepare your mind on what to expect. Sometimes this can be of great help.

Dental bonding can be an economic solution for stained, broken, or chipped teeth. It would close small gaps between the teeth. Dr. Raanan can be your dentist who can give you answers to all the queries. Book an appointment today and get more information on the procedure.


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