What Is the Difference Between
a Crown and a Bridge?

Your teeth are some of the most important parts of your body which is delicate. It can grant you a chance to smile or not smile based on their condition. However, at times comes in your life when the dental state becomes a problem and so a solution has to be sorted. Practically, you cannot have a smile if you have no confidence with your teeth. One of the solutions that can be embraced when problems have been detected in your teeth is the dental crown.

A dental crown is actually a tooth-shaped object which is inserted on your tooth so that the size, shape, strength, and appearance of your teeth can be restored. If this is done to you, the whole teeth get to be hidden on the crown so that what can be seen is the attractive crown on it. The crown is normally attractive and at the same time very similar to the teeth and so it is difficult for someone to realize that it is not your teeth. They are normally strongly cemented above the germ region.

Importance of dental crown

There are several reasons why one would be encouraged to go for a dental crown. It is the solution for most of the dental problem that you may be having. Here are some of its importance:

  • It protects your tooth
    A dental crown is one of the sure ways of protecting your tooth. It is possible to have issues like tooth delay or cracking of the tooth when you eat some hard foodstuff. With the crown, the tooth will be protected. It is like an external cover to your tooth. Therefore, in case of any dander, say decay or cracking, it is the dental crown which will be affected hence leaving your tooth strong. Although the crown is normally strong that in most cases it may not be affected. If anything, the crown can always be replaced so it is better to have them destroyed than your delicate tooth.
  • Cover the discolored teeth
    You can imagine smiling when you know pretty well that your teeth are discolored. In most cases, you will try hiding your teeth in case you have to laugh. This can be very stressful especially if you are a woman. The crown, in this case, helps you to have confidence in who you are, having the confidence that your smile is attractive. If you have discolored teeth, you can consider having a dental crown just for the sake of your confidence.
  • Covers the tooth cavities

If you have ever had tooth decay, you understand this well. The tooth decay develops to tooth cavities. With the cavities, one can think that nothing is working in his or her favor. Drinking cold drinks becomes a problem. Even hot drinks cannot be taken. Whenever you eat, food particles get inside the cavity and you are left to wonder why your life is this difficult. This frustration has a solution. Dental crowning can be used to provide a cover so that your teeth do not become oversensitive to cold and hot drinks as well as food particles. The cover is effective even for the excessively sharp teeth. You don’t need to be biting your tongue every time you talk or eat.

Types of dental crown

Having understood why the dental crown is important, it is necessary to know which type of crown is most effective for you. Here are the types of dental crown that you can easily go for.

  • Stainless steel crown
    This type of crown is made out of the stainless steel. In most cases, they are normally used for making a permanent dental crown. Just from the name, the crown is easy to clean and does not attract permanent dirt. This crown can be used on both children and adults. For adults, it is one of the best options for instance when your tooth show an intense decay. For children, the crown is used basically to protect the primary tooth from decay because the children may not be in a position to properly keep their teeth clean. They also suffer from addiction to sugary foods like chocolate and sweets which are not the best option for the teeth.
  • Metal Crowns
    Metal crowns are made out of different alloys of metal with platinum or gold content. One good thing about metal crowns is that they can withstand the forces exerted on them when chewing or biting. This ability makes them last longer than any other type of crown before you get to replace them. They do not break or crack easily. However, most people do not prefer them on their canines and incisors because of their dull color. They prefer having them hidden in the molars and the premolars.
  • All-ceramic
    This is the most preferred though expensive type of crown. It is attractive in color and so can be used for all teeth. If you are allergic to metals, this is the best option for you. If you choose it, however, you need to be prepared to keep changing them because they easily wear out. They have a nice color and can be adjusted in color to be used alongside other types of crowns. For instance, if you have to use crowns on all your teeth, the all-ceramic crown may be expensive and so you can place them on the front teeth and use another type, say metal ceramic at the back. One good thing about the all-ceramic crown is that they are flexible when it comes to color.
  • All-resin crowns
    Probably you have to use the dental crown to assist your condition. It really does not matter your financial situation. The all-resin crowns are the cheapest. You can probably start with them as you plan to have a better tooth crown. The challenge with them is that they wore out very fast and so it will translate to frequency expense of replacing them. They can develop a fracture very fast.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
    This type of crown looks more like normal teeth. It may be difficult to realize that one is having a crown unless the owner o the crown tell people. The color can always be adjusted to look like the other uncrowned teeth. However, depending on the position of the tooth, the porcelain material may show through the gum as a dark line. This is not a challenge since you can always have it adjusted in color to meet your expectation.

Precautions after going through dental crowning

Having your tooth crown is really a good idea. However, if you do not give it the care it deserves, you may end up complaining about the step you took. Therefore, be courteous after spending cash on the crowning. Some of the precautions you should take include the following:

  • Avoid taking chewy food
    You should avoid taking chewy foods like chewing gums. Too much chewing can cause grabbing and pulling off of the crown. Just when you have done the crowning, the teeth become very delicate. If the crown is worn out when the teeth or the gum is not yet back it to its normal functioning, it may be prone to bacterial infection. If this happens, you will have created more problems than solutions to your teeth live.
  •  Minimize the use of the crowned tooth
    It is your responsibility to take charge against using the side of the jaw which has been crowned until it gets totally healed. You can always use the other side of the jaw just for the sake of the well-being of your crown. Once it is strong, you can now use it.
  • Do not hard brush the crowned tooth
    You need to take time before you use a hard brush on the tooth. For the sake of your hygiene and breath, you can always brush the side which does not have the crown. Brushing your tongue is the most important act to have fire breath. Therefore, do not be so anxious about brushing the crown. It may be worn out very fast.
you have questions , we have the answers


People want to know more about the process of the dental crown before they decide to go for it or not. We prepared for you the frequently asked question to ensure that you are not left behind. Here are some of them, answered.

Is it painful to have a dental crown?

There is a slight pain to expect if you want to go for a dental crown. The process is not painful, however. The pain may only be experienced after the whole process is over. Before the crowning is done, normally your dentist will inject your gums with lidocaine or any other type of anesthetic to make your gums numb. With this, you will not feel any pain. However, when the strength of the drug has gone, you may feel some slight pain although your dentist will always administer a painkiller. The pain should not last for long anyway.

How long should a dental crown last?

Depending on the type of crown that you choose, the crown is expected to last from 5 to 15 years if well managed. Metallic crown lasts longer than other types while the all-resin crown wears out faster. It is you to choose the type of crown based on the duration you want it to serve you. After 15 years, however, you will have to replace or do away with the crown since it will have worn out regardless of the type.

How much does it cost to have a dental crown?

The cost of a dental crown varies with the type of the crown. Also, the place you are buying the crown may make the difference in price. Generally, the cost should range from $800 to $1700 per crown. The cost may be covered partially buy your insurance coverage.

Are there problems that may arise with the dental crown?

Yes. A dental crown may develop some problems although the problems should not be long-lasting. For instance, you may feel over-sensitivity of the teeth due to the cavities that may have developed in the gum as a result of fixing the crown. The crown may also chip which calls for dentist attention. Sometimes, there can be an allergic reaction to the teeth. More problems may erupt based on the level of success of the process of crowing. If you feel any of these and any other problem, contact your dentist to find out if it is normal or if a correction is needed.

When is dental crown relevant for me?

The common conditions which may force you to go for dental crown include: when you undergo root canal or large filling. Additionally, you may need it if you have a cracked tooth or Broken cusps. There are many more reasons why one may go for the dental crown but these are the major ones. If you have discolored teeth you can as well go for a dental crown to add your beauty and confidence when you laugh.

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